“Numero Zero” the new novel by Umberto Eco: just a parade of erudition? (February, 21st 2015)


(Italian translation available here)

“Numero Zero”, the latest novel by Umberto Eco was published in Italy on 2015 February five years after the previous novel “The Prague Cemetery” so I was very curious to read it.
My judgment?
I am very dissatisfied!
A fragile plot, unrealistic characters, much confusion about dates, recent dramatic Italian historical events and (most likely) author’s personal facts.
Reading it I thought that the text looked more like a first draft than the final version of a novel.
The book is a sort of collection of ideas, feelings and suggestions which the author didn’t really can turn into a coherent story.
The novel seems to be the result of the overabundance of information from which all we suffer since Internet has become our playmate and classmate.
Perhaps “Numero Zero” warns us of the risks of the Network because it appears too erudite, weakened by too many links, attentive more to form than content.
Or did Umberto Eco trick us showing the narrative of the coming years?

The plot

The story is about a ghost writer who is both an author and journalist, involved in the formation of a fabricated daily political newspaper which speaks of the investigations in Milan in 1992.
Here the complete plot of the book (in English) https://theuntranslated.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/zero-issue-numero-zero-...  

Book information

Author     Umberto Eco
Original title     Numero Zero
Country     Italy
Language     Italian
Genre      Mystery
Publisher     Bompiani (Italy)
Publication date    2015, February (in Italy)