Drupal 8 code sprint 2015

Pierluigi Marciano: state of Drupal 8 and Italian code sprint 2015 (January, 26th 2015)

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Italian Drupal8 codesprint was hosted by Wellnet, a Drupal-oriented firm. A conversation with Pierluigi Marciano CEO of Wellnet and drupalist

Agatino Grillo: Hello Pierluigi. Can you introduce yourself and Wellnet?

Pierluigi Marciano: I am founder and managing director at Wellnet  an Italian ICT solutions provider established in 2005 and serving Milan and Rome area. I was born in Naples where I gained a BA in Economics with specialization in Management of service industries. I am passionate about web, open source, process optimization and innovative human resources management. In my free time I love travelling, cooking, old Vespas and jazz music.

Agatino Grillo: What about Wellnet?

Pierluigi Marciano: Wellnet is an ICT consulting company that since 2005 has been providing expertise to companies and institutions aimed at the development of web applications and digital strategy. We have been working with Drupal since 2006 and we use this platform as a Content Management Framework that help us to build customized features and layouts. We supply Drupal administration and development training to companies and institutions and we like to organize, participate and contribute to Open Source movement, research and events. We also have a J2EE development Department specialized in Business Intelligence and Process Engineering for the financial market. Wellnet is an Acquia partner and Google partner too.

Agatino Grillo: Why did you choose Drupal as your Content Management Framework?

Pierluigi Marciano: Drupal is the leading open source content management system for developing sophisticated, flexible and robust websites, social media networks and applications. Drupal is a mature and reliable product with a huge user base and is used by a lot of organizations like ONU, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Sony, MTV, Nike, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, FedEx, and thousands others. Drupal is designed for rapid deployment and enables you to work in a true “Web 2.0” style in which core features and functionality can be rapidly deployed to market. Last but not least Drupal is Open Source with a large community estimated in more than 1 million members and 32.000 developers over the world.


Agatino Grillo: On 17th January 2015 Wellnet hosted Italian Drupal code sprint. What is a code sprint?

Pierluigi Marciano: A code sprint is a meeting of Drupal developers and users to help get Drupal 8 released by patching code and resolve public issues on Drupal source. Sprint is also a key step in Drupal-community building by pairing both new and experienced contributors  together for mentorship. Although a sprint is not a learning-event however it is perfect for tackling programming issues and improve Drupal know-how: during the Sprint, people work together, have one-off discussions, break out into groups, comment on issues or IRC chats. Attending to sprint, Community can contribute to advance Drupal improvement by collaboration and contribution.


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Agatino Grillo: What is the state of Drupal?

Pierluigi Marciano: First of all Drupal in not just a Content Management System (CMS); it is a framework for web content management with an embedded development platform. So you can use Drupal no simply as a tool for creating web pages but also as a platform to support the digital strategy of your company or agency.

Agatino Grillo: In which sense?

Pierluigi Marciano: Using Drupal you can easy express your digital business by creating your web and mobile presence. You can focus on your business ideas and contents and leave to Drupal how to realize them in a rapid, at state-of-art and economic way. Drupl 8 new features have been realized to be enterprise-oriented: native web service support, much improved multilingual support, configuration management system, streamlined content editing, in-place editing, responsive design, HTML5 support, a built-in WYSIWYG editor and more … The list of improvements is long but above all the new Drupal version is going on a Symfony based architecture, the is the biggest new!


Agatino Grillo: When will Drupal 8 release?

Pierluigi Marciano: There is no Drupal 8 official release date yet. As you can see on official release cycle for Drupal8 page on October 1, 2014 first Drupal 8 beta was released. Today the current beta version is the fifth released on January 28, 2015.
The first Drupal 8 release candidate (RC) will be available when once the number of critical bugs and tasks will be reduced to zero. Maintainers will also evaluate the major bugs and tasks before creating the first release candidate.

Agatino Grillo: Last question. How is the community Drupal scene in Italy compared European or American ones?

Pierluigi Marciano: Italian Drupal community is still one step behind other countries. I feel this gap might come from the limited number of Italian Drupal certified-companies and the few number of Drupal events and meetups hosted in Italy but I hope Italian Drupal community will grow rapidly in the next months. We do our part organizing every year the DrupalDay.

Agatino Grillo: Thanks Pierluigi

Pierluigi Marciano: Thanks to you


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